SAP EHS Management

SAP EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) is a complete EHS software solution for environmental health and safety management that helps organizations mitigate risk and ensure workplace safety.

  • Integrated Environment, Health, and Safety management
  • Real-time data access and reporting
  • Streamlined processes and improved efficiency
  • Compliance management with industry regulations
  • Collaboration across departments and locations


Environmental Or Occupational Health Management

Managing environmental and occupational health and safety to mitigate risk and ensure a safe workplace.

Industrial Hygiene and Safety

Helps organizations ensure compliance and mitigate workplace risk by identifying chemicals to industrial hygiene.

Occupational Data Reporting

Enables organizations to efficiently collect, manage and report and EH&S Data, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimizing risk.

Incident management

Provide a centralized platform for reporting, traking, and analyzing workplace incidents, enabling organizations to quickly respond, invistigate and prevent future occurrences.

Hazardous Substance and Dangerous Goods Management

Manage the identification, and assessment, and control of hazardous substances and dangerous goods to ensure compliance with regulations and reduce risk.

Product safety and compliance management

Enables the assessment, managemnet, and reporting of product safety and compliance information to ensure products meet regulatory requirments and industry standards.

Waste Management

Provides a complete solution for waste management,covering waste characterization, treatment, disposal, and reporting, to ensure compliance with regulations and minimize environmental impact.

  • Reduced risk and improved safety in the workplace.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity through streamlined processes.
  • Improve decision-making with real-time data access.
  • Compliance with industry regulations.
  • Improved collaboration & communication across departments and locations.

As companies grow and operations expand, the need for effective and efficient environmental health and safety management becomes increasingly important.SAP EHS helps organizations to manage their environmental health and safety responsibilities, mitigate risk, and ensure a safe workplace for employees, stakeholders, and the environment.